Dare you read 'What if…?'? - It'll tear your world apart.

Nicholas Grabowsky
Bestselling Novelist, USA

'"What if...?" is virtually flawless - Lee’s vision is precise, poetic, and skillfully crafted. It's great writing with a great story, very well told.'

A disillusioned journalist, Mary battles her skepticism to finally believe in the stranger's gift. Seeing him as mankind's last hope for creating a utopia, she befriends him to try to realize the world she's always dreamed of.

But will the world embrace a visionary with such a gift? Or will fear, greed, or a holy war see it rip itself apart?

Mary quickly discovers that changing the world is not only difficult but downright deadly.

Hurled into a raging storm of bullets, doubles crosses, car chases, and conspiracies, Mary helps this enigmatic stranger fight for his vision to become a reality. But what vision is that?

On a roller coaster adventure overflowing with mystery, shocking revelations, and pulse-pounding danger, Mary realizes there's nowhere to hide from the fate that awaits them and which will shake the entire globe.


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Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 350
ISBN: 978-0-9556525-1-6
Paper stock: recycled
Size: 9.3 x 6.3 x 1.2 inches
........23.5 x 16.1 x 3.1 centimetres

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What if...?

'What if...?' blends intrigue and roller-coaster action into a fast-paced tale that keeps the reader hooked to the very last page. Shootouts, car chases and conspiracies are interwoven with a thought-provoking exploration of today's global crises, creating a chilling, real-life picture of the world and a story that's as moving as it is thrilling.

The ice caps are melting.
Rainforests burning.
..Millions starving…

The world is dying. Right now.

When a mysterious stranger appears to be healing New York City's sick merely through touch, a media frenzy catapults him to superstar status.

When he then claims he can heal the entire world of hunger, injustice, and suffering as easily as he seems able to heal a sick child, thousands rally to his cause, desperate for a savior to snatch the world from the edge of darkness.

But not everyone is eager to see the world changed.

Driven by insatiable greed for money and power, corporate America, organized crime, even the mighty White House will stop at nothing to ensure the world stays just the way it is: under their control - poverty, disease, wars and all.

John Taylor
Midwest Book Review, USA

'Deftly and intriguingly written, "What if...?" is a thriller that fans of other novels such as "The Da Vinci Code" will relish. Highly recommended.'

Bethany Canfield
B & B Ex Libris, USA

'"What if...?" was interesting, different, and rewarding. [It] will take you places you have never been. If you are into [thrillers], this one is for you!'