Nicholas Grabowsky, Bestselling Novelist
('Halloween IV', 'Pray, Serpent's Prey'), Screenwriter, Director. USA
'"What if...?" is virtually flawless - Lee’s vision is precise, poetic, and skillfully crafted. It's great writing with a great story, very well told. I really don’t think the publisher knows what kind of potential success it is they have on their hands.'
Brian O'Connell, President, REACT Services.
Non-profit Partnering Consultancy. USA.
'"What if...?" is a fast-paced tale brimming with surprises and twists. Well-developed characters and a gripping plot will excite even fans of James Patterson and James Rollins. Devotees of television shows such as 'Heroes' will find it especially appealing. 'What if...?' is a very good read indeed.'
'Of humanity and the state of the world, "What if...?" says a lot, says it well, and manages to achieve that remarkable balance between a really good story well told and saying something of vital importance without preaching! The ending is remarkable and not to be read first!'
The Right Reverend Jack Nicholls,
Bishop of Sheffield. England.
'Have you ever dreamed of changing the world? Of getting rid of poverty, of diseases? Read "What if…?" and see what may happen if such a vision would come true. It's a wonderful piece of escapism with a great story full of intriguing twists.'
Myoshu A. Jedrzejewska M.D., Ph.D. Jodo Shinshu
Buddhist Priest. Poland.


Copyright Steve N. Lee 2007

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John Taylor, Book Reviewer,
Midwest Book Review, USA
'Deftly and intriguingly written, "What if...?" is a thriller that fans of other novels such as "The Da Vinci Code" will relish. Highly recommended to thriller fans everywhere and should enjoy a spot on every fiction thrillers shelf.'


Sam Sattler, Book Reviewer,
Book Chase, USA
'"What If…?" is quite a ride. Lee has written an unusual thriller that will have the reader quickly turning pages.
WARNING: Do not read the book's ending first because this is one time that I guarantee you will regret doing that.'
Bethany Canfield, Book Reviewer,
B & B Ex Libris, USA
'The characters seemed fully human, filled with doubt, fear, jealousy, pride, and envy. "What if...?" was interesting, different, and rewarding. [It] will take you places you have never been. The honesty of feelings, the rawness. If you are into [thrillers], this one is for you!'
Barbara McDuffie , Book Reviewer,
Breeni Books, USA
'What would humanity do if presented with the opportunity to end suffering, poverty, disease, and all the other evils of the world? Lee has created intriguing characters [and] a thought-provoking story. [As] there are no truly good guys or bad guys, only people reacting to circumstances, I found myself wondering what I would do. Would I have reacted differently? But "What If...?" is not a preachy diatribe: It is an exciting adventure that keeps you wondering what will happen next, and what is really happening now.'
Scott C. Sabin, Executive Director, Floresta US. Humanitarian & Environmental Agency. USA
'Thought-provoking and surprising, "What if...?" is a gripping, roller coaster of a story with a stunning ending, and complex and very human characters - both heroes and villains made me cringe as I recognized bits of myself.'


Christine Dearden, Book Reviewer,
She Reads Books, Canada
'One of the blurbs raves that the ending is “remarkable and not to be read first!”. When I got to chapter 30, I thought I knew what the blurbist meant. And then I got to chapter 40, and I thought I knew what the blurbist meant. And then I got to the last chapter. Ka-bam, what an ending! It was remarkable. I give [What if...?] a solid 4/5.
J.C. Montgomery, Book Reviewer,
The Biblio Brat, USA
'This book provides the reader with a great story, and a lot to think about. I have to compliment the author for his storytelling skills in keeping the action brisk, while never overwhelming or overloading the reader with information or action.'
Nancy Horner, Book Reviewer,
Bookfoolery and Babble, USA
'The writing, I must say, is excellent. John is an absolutely fascinating character and [I] particularly loved those taut suspense scenes. Lee is great at creating tension. The action scenes are always fast-paced, dizzying and fun.'
Scott Pack, Book Reviewer,
Me and My Big Mouth, USA
'An engaging and exciting thriller with a difference. It would hold its own with many of the books in the bestseller lists - and then some.'
Fiona Richmond, Book Reviewer,
Eco - the Green Online Newspaper, England
'A fast-paced thriller, ["What if...?"] is also strong on environmental awareness. There is something about the concept behind the book which grips the imagination and makes you want to see how it ends.'
Clare Swindlehurst, Book Reviewer,
Blue Archipelago, England
'By the end of page 2 I was sucked in. This book has all of the hallmarks of an action-packed novel; shootouts, double-crosses and car chases - throw in religious unrest and a presidential election and you'll find yourself caught up in an exciting tale that also forces you to think about the way we live.'