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Many books claim to be life-changing, but few are. What makes this book particularly special is that not only does it deliver, but it is not a dry self-help manual by a famous "guru" - it's an exciting novel by a fresh, new writer.

"Lee's vision is precise, poetic, and skillfully crafted. It's great writing with a great story, very well told."
Nicholas Grabowsky, Bestselling Novelist,
Screenwriter, Director. USA

"Thought-provoking and surprising, 'What if...?' is a gripping, roller coaster of a story with a stunning ending, and complex and very human characters."
Scott C. Sabin, Floresta US,
Humanitarian & Environmental Agency. USA

Have you ever dreamed of making a difference to the world?

Rarely can fiction grip you with thrilling storytelling and simultaneously captivate you with an insightful exploration of life, the world, and what it means to be human.

Thrilling stories often lack substance; "deep" books are often longwinded with a heavy-handed "message".

It takes a truly powerful work to be an entertaining, thought-provoking read that you just cannot put down.

"What if…?" by Steve N. Lee is such a book.

Have you ever struggled to be more spiritual in today's consumer society?

"The Da Vinci Code" sold 60 million copies.
"Jonathan Livingston Seagull" has been a beloved classic for nearly 40 years…

Imagine the thrills and intrigue of "The Da Vinci Code" merged with the spirituality and philosophy of "Jonathan Livingston Seagull".

Many people search for answers. Very few find them. Most give up, tired with the effort and frustrated by the failure, and then spend their lives discovering only more and more questions but never a single answer.

As the characters in "What if…?" search for their answers, so you'll discover yours. Answers that are:

* Stunningly simple.

* Beautifully profound.

And all wrapped up in a suspense-filled page-turner that you just won't be able to put down.

"What if…?" is a remarkable, action-packed story about making a difference - something so many of us dream of doing. It follows one woman's struggle against overwhelming odds to help make the world a better place by discovering the answers to life's greatest questions.

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"'What If…?' is the most important book I have read! My way of thinking tilted the day I finished the book. Let it touch you the way it has me."
Melanie Wingfield,
Reader, England

"I couldn't put it down, reading until two/three o'clock in the morning! This is a book that everyone should read in the hope that it stirs consciences and makes changes."
Janet Kraal,
Reader, Italy

Have you ever thought there must be more to life than this?

This could be the most important novel you ever read.

It will move you deeply.
It will reveal concepts about life that you may never have considered.
It will entertain and enlighten, creating an almost "Eureka!" moment that could change your worldview.

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Making a difference aside, do you just enjoy a darn good book?

"A thriller that fans of novels such as 'The Da Vinci Code' will relish. Highly recommended."
John Taylor, Book Reviewer,
Midwest Book Review, USA

"'What if...?'is a fast-paced tale brimming with surprises and twists. Well-developed characters and a gripping plot will excite even fans of James Patterson and James Rollins."
Brian O'Connell, REACT Services.
Non-profit Partnering Consultancy. USA

"What if…?" isn't only a spiritual journey, it's a thriller lover's dream.

If you love suspense, intrigue and action it will grip you from the first page to the very last word.

A mainstream suspense thriller, "What if…?" blends intrigue and roller-coaster action into a fast-paced tale that will keep you hooked to the very last page. Shootouts, car chases and conspiracies are interwoven with a thought-provoking exploration of today's global crises, creating a chilling, real-life picture of the world and a story that's as moving as it is thrilling.

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"'What If…?' is quite a ride. Lee has written an unusual thriller that will have the reader quickly turning pages. WARNING: Do not read the ending first because this is one time that I guarantee you will regret doing that."
Sam Sattler, Book Reviewer,
Book Chase, USA

"An engaging and exciting thriller with a difference. It would hold its own with many of the books in the bestseller lists - and then some."
Scott Pack, Book Reviewer,
Me and My Big Mouth, USA

"What if…?" will resonate, will inspire, will keep you thinking about your life and your place in the world long after you've turned the last page.

* It's the story of an underdog battling overwhelming odds.
* Someone who aches to make the world a better place.

* Someone who dreams of making a difference.

* Someone who knows they're special and has something to give.

* Someone just like you.

Ever wondered why, if there truly is a God, there's so much suffering in the world?

Or why the world's religions force us apart instead of bringing us together?

"What if…?" explores such issues and throws up answers that may shock and surprise you. Its revelations will astound you.

"Of humanity and the state of the world, 'What if...?' says a lot, says it well, and manages to achieve that remarkable balance between a really good story well told and saying something of vital importance without preaching! The ending is remarkable and not to be read first!"
The Right Reverend Jack Nicholls,
Bishop of Sheffield. England

"Have you ever dreamed of changing the world? Of getting rid of poverty, of diseases? Read 'What if…?' and see what may happen if such a vision would come true. It's a wonderful piece of escapism with a great story full of intriguing twists."
Myoshu A. Jedrzejewska
Buddhist Priest. Poland

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Are you worried about climate change?

Appalled by deforestation?

Mortified by extinction levels?

Just when you think it's impossible for just one book to delve any deeper into life-changing, world-changing subjects, "What if…?" has more to reveal.

Not only is "What if…?" a terrific suspense thriller with a deep spirituality, it also has a strong ecological heart and will take you on a journey of discovery to explore some of today's most pressing environmental issues and… how we might resolve them!

"An exciting tale that also forces you to think about the way we live our lives and whether we are killing the planet with our actions."
Clare Swindlehurst, Book Reviewer,
Blue Archipelago, England

"A fast-paced thriller, ["What if...?"] is also strong on environmental awareness. There is something about the concept behind the book which grips the imagination and makes you want to see how it ends."
Fiona Richmond, Book Reviewer,
Eco - the Green Online Newspaper, England

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Ever wonder why millions die of hunger when the world is so rich?

Or why world leaders can't create a utopia instead of a war zone?

"This book made me think so many things were and indeed are possible. To produce a book of this nature is what I call a "Magnificent Gift" and one I am pleased the writer has taken the time and effort to share with us."
Melanie Wingfield,
Reader, England

While many of us in the West are distraught when we can't afford a 50" plasma TV, when we can't win American Idol, or when we have to trudge into our 9-5 every single day…

… HALF the population of the planet is starving.

Explore why and what could possibly done about it with "What if…?".

"An intriguing group of characters in a thought-provoking story. It is an exciting adventure that keeps you wondering what will happen next, and what is really happening now."
Barbara McDuffie, Book Reviewer,
Breeni Books, USA

"I picked up this novel and could not put it down. Keeping you on the edge of your seat, it also makes you [look at the] world that we live in, where we might be heading and the consequences of getting there. I really hope that Lee decided to write another novel, this debut was extraordinary."
Bonnie Kirby,
Reader, USA

But here's the biggest question of all…

Will YOU enjoy "What if…?"?

You will if:

* you love a darn good book
* you love tales of an underdog battling overwhelming odds
* you love suspense, intrigue and action
* you love to lose yourself in a story for hours on end
* you love piecing together a jigsaw puzzle to solve a mystery
* you love caring for the characters in a story
* you love edge-of-your-seat thrillers

Or you will if:

* you dream of making a difference
* you question the way the world works
* you seek spiritual depth for a more fulfilling life
* you care about the planet
* you long for greater humanity throughout the world
* you want meaning in life beyond a 9-5 to pay your bills
* you ask questions but find no answers

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Nicholas Grabowsky, Bestselling Novelist
Screenwriter, Director. USA

It's no wonder there's interest in a movie adaptation!

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Steve N. Lee, author of 'What if...?'

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Gifts Index

All these gifts are yours - FREE - when you buy "What if...?".

Simply click on a subject below and browse all the treasures that will be yours.



Green Living



Law of Attraction










Happiness, Success, Money - which do You want?
Positive Thinking is NOT Enough


2 Free Videos
Free Ebook
Everyone has a dream - to be happy, successful, rich... Only a tiny minority of us are lucky enough to see that dream become reality.
- Discover how YOU can be one of that tiny minority.
- Discover how YOU can live your dream!

Judith Sherven & Jim Sniechowski
Free Audio
Free Ebook
Discover how to turn your desires into your real life. Have you ever decided to change your life? You heard positive thinking would do the trick. But it didn’t. That’s because positive thinking doesn’t go deep enough. Can you have what you want? YES You Can

Dantalion Jones

7 Free Audios

7 powerful hypnosis programming sessions. Learn strategies to help with:
- Speed Learning & Study Skills
- Stress Relief
- Greater Confidence
- Building a Destiny...
... and much more!

One hour Self-Discovery & Empowerment Session
The BeliefCloset Process Jump-Start Kit
How to Make Millions with Your Book

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD
Free Consultation

An innovative and highly effective process to achieve goals, reduce stress and create happiness. The process is direct, focused and combines creating the future while healing the past. You will make a subtle and effective transition to self-discovery and empowerment.

Lion Goodman

Free Audio
Free Ebook
A powerful, new, and enjoyable system for changing the negative and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back your magnificence. The kit includes a 20-page introduction and Belief Self-Diagnosis exercise, and an audio guide that takes you through the BeliefCloset Process so you can permanently eliminate any belief.

Steven E

Free Ebook

This ebook will teach you the truth about writing a book and how to make millions with it. Learn how I did one million dollars on a one hour teleclass; how I made over $100,000 in 7 minutes speaking at a seminar; how I worked with all the top names in the business.

This is Your Life, Not a Dress Rehearsal
Joy & Success Tool Kit For Uncertain Times
Exercize Your Way to Success

Jim Donovan

Free Ebook

Proven principles for creating the life of your dreams. Jim's classic, "This is Your Life, Not a Dress Rehearsal," has been published in 20 countries. Jim used its principles to go from quiet desperation to a life beyond his wildest dreams. His books have been read by almost a million people.

Doris Helge, Ph.D.

Free Audio
2 Free Ebooks
As seen on "The Today Show" – the Stress-Busters pack:
- Turn emotional pain into peace & power
- Learn fantastic stress reduction tips
- Shield yourself from negativity
- Surround yourself with positive feedback
- Quickly boost your mood and energy

John Rowley

6 Free Videos

The missing link between wanting success and achieving success is the ability to execute the right things consistently and this requires you to be at your best. John Rowley, Best Selling Author - Lifestyle Strategist - TV Personality - Fitness Celebrity is giving you these videos because being fit is vital to your success.

Emotional Stone-Ages to Emotional Consciousness
Overcome the 7 Energies that Zap Your LIFE!
Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken

Michelle Bersell

Free Audio

Our understanding regarding emotional well-being has been based on an outdated model, which makes much of the guidance available incomplete or misleading. Michelle Bersell shares how to shift out of the emotional stone age & acquire a new level of authentic living to live the fullest expression of you!

Sheevaun Moran

Free Ebook

Release energy blocks that sabotage your success and accelerate your natural magnetic self to attract your desires. Gain:
- Happiness
- Balance
- Confidence,
- Clarity...
... and much more!

Mike Robbins

Free Ebook Excerpt
Personal growth expert and bestselling author Mike Robbins teaches you how to utilize the power of authenticity for greater freedom and fulfillment in your life, relationships, and work. His latest book is filled with action items, ideas, and practices that will give you a deep sense of peace and satisfaction.

Reframe Your Past - Refocus Your Future
What You Don't Know You Don't Know
179 Forward Steps

Alisa Gamblin & Glenna Mageau
Free Audio

The secret to creating the life of your dreams is only available to those who long to move beyond who they have been... it is reserved for those individuals who are tired of limitation and who instinctively know deep down that life is meant to be filled with ever-expanding experiences.

Ali Bierman

Free Ebook

If you are not living your dream life know it is not your fault. Your mind and brain run programs that keep you stuck - out of reach of your dreams. Discover what is going on and, more importantly, what to do about it in this life-altering ebook

Thea Westra

Free Ebook

"179 Forward Steps" is a collection of life power tips you can skim at leisure for an energizing thought or idea. Triggering inspired action, enhancing your day-to-day experience of life, keeping you empowered and motivated to act for achieving personal goals, by stepping forward a little each day.

How To Go From Purpose2Business
The 5-Minute Intuition Technique
Why It Works! The Science Behind Manifesting

Annika Ek

Free Audio
Free Ebook
Discover your Life's Purpose at a soul level and the simple 3-step process that will take you from stuck and frustrated to living a beautiful life that reflects your essence, and allows you to create the wonderful situation where you get paid for doing what you love! What could be better?

Tom Justin

Free Ebook

From a course Tom taught at UCLA’s Experimental College, this is a technique that in less than 5 minutes can teach you how to tap into your intuition. “Your Intuitive Click.” Tom's the creator of “The Wizard's Edge” which is a 6-part intuitive and mind power course.

Deborah Baker-Receniello
Free Ebook Excerpt

Discover the secret - the science behind manifesting everything you desire. Each of us creates every moment of our entire life by sending out thoughts, feelings, emotions, or declarations into a quantum void in the form of an energy frequency that weaves the universe.

Life's Little Wealth Principles
The Road To Recovery
Self-Esteem, Anger & Co-Dependence

Elisabeth Donati

Free Ebook

Life's Little Wealth Principles are 52 of the most powerful financial habits and principles used by financially free people everywhere. The cards will remind you daily of the little things you can do to move yourself forward in any way you wish!

Jaeson D. Rau

Free Ebook Excerpt
Writing from personal experience and from the heart, Jaeson's work will help guide you from the ego and the misleading of society to honesty and awareness with yourself. Excerpt entitled "Change" from Jaeson's upcoming book "The Road To Recovery".

Ilene Dillon

3 Free E-Courses

A special package of 3 minicourses: Stop Anger Now. 4 Building Blocks of Self-Esteem; Ending Co-Dependence: The Bottom Line. This is a spiritually-based, practical approach to some of life's most vexing everyday issues created by a psychotherapist with 40 years' experience. Imagine yourself living free of these issues!

Full Assessment Profile, $600 Value
Get Inspired Project
Unleash Your Inner Penguin

Benita Ibanez

Free Consultation
Free Profile
A great assessment tool for individuals, business owners and coaches... It covers Behavioral, Workplace Motivators, Talent Skills Inventory. Used by Fortune 500 companies - time-tested and proven. Response Link will be assigned to the respondent, reports on 3 Assessments will be given to participants. Plus, get a one hour debriefing session.

Liz Cosline

Free Audio

This audio is in interview form talking about what inspires and inspiring others. It discusses living fully and getting to the goals of life. It is a beautiful conversation between Liz Cosline and Toni Reece.

Dr J. Kyle Howard

Free Ebook

Double or even triple your chances of achieving success. If you're like most people, you wish to become successful in life (whatever that means to you). In this ebook, you'll get some very basic information to double or even triple your chances of achieving that success.

The Truth, Finding Your Own Truth
How I Discovered The Quantum Experience

Les Schmidt

Free Ebook Excerpt
The Truth leads you on an adventure of romance, sex, relationships, drugs, love and betrayal, and through the extreme highs and devastating lows of an exceptional life, and even serves as a self-help manual crafted into an engaging story. A true story of how anyone can learn from their mistakes!

Ruben James

Free Consultation
Free Ebook
The Quantum Experience is a powerful new process that cuts through emotional baggage and transforms lives. It gives new meaning to "know yourself" and allows full integration with all parts of your self. Includes a FREE half hour phone consultation to see if a Quantum Session is right for you.




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Thriving Through Economic Chaos
Vibrant Health & Wealth on $1 a Day!
97% of Online Businesses
Fail… Discover Why!

Dr. Richard Kaye

Free Consultation

A consultation to accelerate the growth of your business. Richard Kaye, VP of the world’s largest business development club, which has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, has opened his phone lines (to the first 50 people who respond) for a business strategy session.

Suzanne Kirkland Kincaid
Free Audio
Free Report
Discover how to create Vibrant Health & Wealth on $1 a Day! Suzanne Kirkland Kincaid features her very simple strategic system for making money on $1 a day. Suzanne has featured on numerous radio and TV shows, and thousands of people around the world use her simple strategies to make money easily.

Jonathan Zide
Free Video
6 Free Audios
Free Ebook

97% of people who start an online business fail. This video reveals why… and exactly what YOU can do to avoid failing too.
Extra bonus: Learn the secrets behind a website that sells over $30,000 PER DAY! You’ll get a downloadable 6-CD audio program and a workbook.

Sales 101: How to Relieve Sales Stress
Stealth Marketing Software
117 Audio Interviews

Elinor Stutz

Free Ebook

101 Business growth tips categorized and summarized for growing revenue more quickly and easily. The skill sets included are sales, entrepreneurial (the creative side) and marketing - communications - how you approach others in all forms. This provides a holistic approach to business and serves to develop your authority and credibility.

Bill McRea

Free Software

Boost sales and click-through rates with this revolutionary software. It injects a text link between a blog post's title and content. You can have infinite numbers of links so visitors see a different one each time they visit, which means your links always appear fresh. Thus more clicks and more sales!.

Michael Senoff

117 Free Audios

Audio interviews of the experience and guidance of business leaders on the subjects of  business growth, direct marketing, business buying, writing, effective advertising, referral marketing, negotiating, product development, marketing consulting, and the art of buying advertising.

Six Secrets of Sales Magnets!
Treasure Chest For Solopreneurs
Profit Explosion! Become an Instant VIP

Laura Posey
Free Audio
Free Ebook
Free Workbook
Attract sales rather than chasing them. Learn what the top 5% do that others don't and why they earn $150,000+ and take 6 weeks of vacation per year. For entrepreneurs and salespeople who want to set themselves apart.

Michelle Shaeffer

Free Ebook
Free Resources
Are you a small business owner or solopreneur struggling to juggle all the hats you’re wearing? Would running your business be easier if your website got more targeted leads? Grab your copy of Transform Your Website and a treasure chest full of resources today.

Ronda Del Boccio

Free Multimedia Course
As an expert, you crave recognition, and one thing captures the attention of prospects, clients and the media like nothing else... a BOOK with your name on the cover! Claim this 10-part multimedia class in how to write a profit exploding book.

Top Productivity Secrets of the Rich & Famous
The Red Zone Marketing Business Plan
6 Steps to Create Your Profitable Program

Angelique Rewers

Free Ebook

Learn 7 surprising secrets to get more done, reduce your stress, have more free time and achieve more success in your life! All inside - "Revealed! Top Productivity Secrets of the Rich, Famous & Powerful: How to Get More Done in the Next 30 Days than You Have All Year”

Maribeth Kuzmeski

Free Ebook

In this guide you will find the template for creating an actionable business plan. A guide for managing your business and staying consistent with strategies you want to implement and goals you want to achieve. This template has been used with Red Zone Marketing clients for years with great success!

Ruth Hegarty

Free Ebook

“6 Steps To Turn What You Already Know Into Your Profitable Signature Program” is a powerful ebook that walks you step-by-step through identifying, creating and marketing your own unique process that you can share with your market to increase your credibility, visibility and profitability.

60 Show Solutions in 60 Minutes

Susan Friedmann

Free Ebook

This high speed 60-minute super session reveals ideas, tips, tricks, strategies and techniques to add a new and exciting twist to your trade show experience. Guaranteed to stimulate your static thinking and mobilize you into action. Be prepared to grab several golden nuggets to set your exhibiting on the right track








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The Go Big Now Guide
From Goal Setting to Goal Getting
Debunking Introvert Myths

Kristen Howe

Free Ebook

5 Steps to Make The Law of Attraction Finally Work for You! Even in this terrible economy, immediately start attracting all the money, success and happiness that you desire, even if everything else you have tried has failed.

Tamara Baruhovich

There is a precise process to achieving goals in life... Once you learn the simple "know-how", you will be able to achieve any goal with ease!

Patricia Weber

Free Ebook Excerpt
Finally, the truth about introverts to dissolve negative myths. Here’s your guide to how you can:
- Once and for all demolish devastating doubts and discover your true worth.
- Feel good about who you are, rather than wasting your time to become an extrovert.
- Be happier at work.

Amp Up Your Thin Vibe
52 Social Media Tips Ebook

Lexie Moon

Free Meditation

Releasing and Reshaping to Your Ideal Body daily meditation. Use this everyday to:
- Amp Up Your Thin Vibe with lightening speed
- Make deep lasting changes on an energetic level
- Feel sexy in your body now
- Make physical changes to your body.

Kathy Perry

Free Ebook

52 Social Media Tips to save time and money immediately.  Avoid the pitfalls and time-wasters of Social Media Marketing with this handy guidebook. Social Media Coach, Kathy Perry helps clients tap into the power of social media to grow their business without fear of getting left behind.





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Green Living

Go Green?
What's in it for ME?
Painless Green.
From A Wild Bird's Heart Gift Package

Steve N. Lee

Free Ebook Excerpt
Most people like the idea of going green but believe it's a lot of effort with virtually zero reward. BIG MISTAKE! Going green can:
- slash 25% off your grocery bill
- cut your risk of getting cancer
- boost your gas mileage by 33%
- put more money in your pocket for all the good things in life!

Shel Horowitz

Free Ebook

111 Tips to Help the Environment, Lower Your Carbon Footprint, Cut Your Budget, and Improve Your Quality of Life-With No Negative Impact on Your LifestyleEasy, free or very inexpensive tips to reduce energy/ water use, improve the quality of your life, and keep more money in your wallet.

Ron & Gitie House

Free Ebook

Insights into Wild Bird Culture: their loving relationships with their families, communities and human friends. Learn to communicate meaningfully and understand their messages. Included:
- 23 Amazing Facts about Bird Culture
- 5 Keys to Friendship with Wild Birds
- Wild Bird Talking ezine

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Your Key To Health
Stubborn Fat Solutions
Power & Prosperity through Feng Shui & Color

Ely Shemer

2 Free Audios
2 Free Ebooks
Incedible resources to show you how to attain the peak health and create the true happiness that you deserve.
- "Vibrant Health" audio
- "Love Your Physical Self" NLP audio
- "Secret Health Factor" ebook
- "The Art Of Loving Yourself" ebook

David Grisaffi

Free Ebook

Discover the enzymes that affect fat storage and how to use them to lose weight. This one-of-a-kind ebook goes in depth into:
- how we are programmed
- how your hormones affect fat stores
- why dieting alone does not work
- and much more.

Dr. Anna Maria Prezio
Free Ebook

Do you know what color during meditation can kill off disease? Do you know what your personal power color is? Do you know what color can relieve stress? Learn how Feng Shui and color can create wealth, health and happiness. Enhance different parts of your house, your body and your mind.

3 Healthy Eating Books
BodyShifts Ultimate 7 Step Weight Loss System
Animal Kingdom Workouts


Free Ebook

I’ve maintained my size 4-6 figure for well over a decade … without diets, starvation or self-defeating gimmicks. I eat mainly healthy foods, I allow myself a few favorite cheat foods and I do fitness activities I love. Plus, receive Weekly Tips on Healthy Eating and adopting a Healthy Lifestyle as you age!

Patrice M. Ruggieri
Free Consultation
Free Ebook

You were meant to be healthy & happy, not overweight, overworked & overwhelmed. Chart your course to your best body, best health & best self! Create your personal road map to lose weight! Learn the secrets private health coaches use to create weight loss transformations.

David Nordmark

Free Audio
2 Free Ebooks
If you want to get started on the road to Natural Health and Fitness this is a great place to start! A one hour audio seminar with Sean Stewart covering a wide range of natural training advice plus two ebooks - Power Arm Isometrics and the Animal Kingdom Mini Workout.

White Light Meditation
The 10 Worst Chemicals...
70 Delicious Recipes for Detox & Cleansing

Charlotte Reznick, PhD
Free Audio

Download White Light Meditation and be transported to a sanctuary of inner peace. Dr. Reznick is author of "The Power of Your Child's Imagination: How to Transform Stress and Anxiety into Joy and Success", UCLA Associate Clinical Professor, child educational Psychologist, and creator of therapeutic relaxation CDs.

Dr. Christine H. Farlow
Free Ebook

There are cancer-causing chemicals in the soaps, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant and other cosmetics and personal care products you use every day, even baby products. The industry knows it. The government can’t do anything about it! It’s up to you to protect yourself and your family.

Sandy Halliday

Free Ebook

Sandy Halliday, former nurse, nutritionist and detox specialist has produced an amazing collection of both raw and cooked, easy to prepare and tasty recipes that will detox and cleanse your body. It includes over 70 recipes with contributions from some top detox center chefs and raw food coaches.

Connect Yourself to Your Secret Healing Power
20 Healthy Raw Snacks & Treats Recipes
Warning: 9 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore!

Misa Hopkins
Free Audio
Free Ebook Excerpt
Traditional and alternative medicines and methods haven’t eliminated your chronic pain? My clients and I HAVE healed ourselves from minor AND major conditions. You can too, with the “Road to Health: Self-Healing System.” Put these principles - that have helped hundreds of people - to work for YOU.

Carolyn Hansen

Free Ebook

Healthy - Natural - Sugar Free - No Cook - These 20 snack recipes are perfect for busy people and are so much better for you than the processed, chemical laden foods, sold in beautiful boxes, made with dirt cheap ingredients that offer nothing in the way of nutrition

Healthy Head to Toe
Free Audio
Free Report

Sign up to get Healthy Head to Toe – the only newsletter that reveals the secrets to supercharge your immune system, have more energy, improve your health, feel better and more.
When you sign up we’ll send you a link to download, HEALTH WARNING: 9 Symptoms You Should NEVER ignore!

Feng Shui & Intention
Push the Reset Button on Your Health & Your Career
Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss

Kandi Phillips

2 Free Audios
Free Ebook
1 - Feng Shui Green Living. Learn how the items in your home are detrimental to your health. $5 Value. 2 - Intro to Feng Shui. Discusses the key three elements of a space for a more harmonious environment. $15 Value.
3 - Live Your Intention Series 1 - mini book. $2.95 Value

Nina Price

Free Audio

You usually push the reset button on a computer when everything else you've tried hasn't worked. The analogy to people is clear. We get stuck too. Learn how to push your own reset button and open up the possibility of resolving what's stuck.

Anne Arsenault

Free Ebook

- What is the role of fiber and fats in weight loss?
- How do you get your body more alkaline?
- What can spices do for your body?
- Sweeteners and weight loss?
- What supplements should you take?

Six Steps to Guilt-Free Eating

Gillian Hood-Gabrielson
Free Report

You really can eat what you love without guilt or weight gain! Put an end to obsession & guilt for good. Get your life back! - Discover physical hunger & satisfaction - Eliminate “all or nothing” diet mentality - Why keeping blood sugar stable is important - Change your results by changing your talk to yourself.







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101 Ways To Your Dream Life
Serenity Music, Guided Imagery, and Book
Getting Beyond Fear

Amy Twain

Free Ebook

101 Ways To Your Dream Life is about reaching out and grabbing success and getting the life you have always wanted. It's about making things happen.
- Unlock Your Hidden Potential
- Learn The Unstoppable Attitude
- Work Well With Others
- Overcome Stress... and much more!

Jim Moeller
Free Music
Free Ebook

Free Guided Imagery
Since 1985 Serenity has been creating music, guided imagery, and written word in support of relaxation and healing. Download:
- several Serenity songs
- Jim's "A Journey of Reflections" ebook
- "Daily Focusa" guided imagery by Serenity artist Max Highstein

Geoff Laughton

Free Consultation
Free Audio
This recording teaches you a new way of interacting with and relating to your fears... and how you can stop them from running your life. Plus, schedule a free Relationships Remodeling Strategy Session.

Greater Freedom, Joy, Love & Prosperity
Some Of Life’s Greatest Lessons
Enlightened Messages for your Soul!

Jill Schoenberg 

5 Free Ebooks
5 Free Journals
Simple but powerful journals for greater freedom, joy, love and prosperity by the award-winning author of Journal Buddies.
- Gain priceless insight into life
- Create deep inner happiness
- Grant yourself personal freedom
- Uncover deep-seated wants & desires
- Unleash your Divine potential

Christine Sherborne

Free Ebook
Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy by learning life's greatest lessons!
- Build loving & lasting relationships
- Focus on solutions not problems
- Make right choices every time
- Let go of judgments of yourself & others
- Choose your thoughts and reactions


Free Ebook Excerpt
Quiet your mind, open your heart and soothe your soul with powerful words to start your day feeling enlightened about your life! Download Chapter One of the Manifesting Manual and receive Enlightened Messages! Get ready to take your manifesting abilities to the next level. Enjoy!

"Transform With What If…?"
Moondance + $50 Toward A Life Purpose Session
Starting Your Own Business

Janice Masters

Free E-course
Receive 12 weekly emails with powerful, original WHAT IF…? Quantum Questions plus journaling questions to invite your higher consciousness and natural inner wisdom to emerge. Expand your ability to take control of your thoughts and change the ones that are limiting you. 10% discount on coaching fees with this launch.

Karen M. Black

Free Ebook

A copy of Karen’s freethinking, highly addictive and award-winning novel Moondance, which explores life, love and the nature of reality.
Plus get $50 off a personalized karmic astrology session with Karen that will help you identify your life purpose.

Mark Black

Free Audio

This is a great interview for entrepreneurs and speakers. Mark Black is a Heart/Lung Transplant Recipient who became a successful speaker, best-selling author and life-coach. Here, he shares with you how he got started in the speaking business as well as many valuable tips to help you in your journey.

1001 Inspirational Quotes

Barbara Hofmeister

Free Ebook

We all get discouraged sometimes, have days when we feel down but don't let that stop you. You have important things to do. The world needs YOU to be a success! So for the down days grab "1001 Inspirational Quotes" for its words of inspiration and great wisdom.









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Law of Attraction

Creating Your Ideal Body with the Law Of Attraction
How to Make Your Mind a Money Magnet!
Discovering & Embodying Your Life's Purpose

Christy Whitman
Free Consultation

Free Audio
4 Free Reports
Create your ideal body with ease and grace. It doesn't have to be a struggle or painful. Follow a proven system.
- 4 reports on how to manifest money, abundance, love and your iIdeal body
- One hour of Law of Attraction coaching
- Release weight easily by applying the LOA

Dr. Robert Anthony

Free Ebook

Learn Dr. Robert Anthony’s hidden secret to wealth that is not taught in 99.9% of “Wealth Creation” Programs. Use this strategy now to open the floodgates of unending cash flow.

Steve Sisgold

5 Free Audios

- "Boost Your Power of Attraction" - improve your life.
- "Discovering & Embodying Your Life's Purpose" - find wisdom & focus.
- "Stop Over-Thinking & Start Living" - access your innate intelligence.
- "Spindoctrination" - your body's brilliance.
- "Whole Body Inquiry" - explore your body bio.

The Vibration Elevation Formulas
Metaphysician's Guide To The Law Of Attraction 
Beyond The Law Of Attraction

Anisa Aven

Free Audio
Free Ebook
No matter how many books you’ve read, or how many courses or gurus you’ve paid, if you aren’t using the Vibration Elevation Formulas then you’re taking the long road to fulfillment. Apply this 6-minute formula to instantly shift your level of consciousness, stop self-sabotage and empower your magnetic attraction.

Dr. Stephen P. Rinaldi
Free Ebook

Don't let the title fool you - this "maximum-strength" book is not just for professionals working in the field. Now, everyone can learn techniques to quickly move out of the "concept-stage" and into a new existence where you have integrated these "perception-shifting" techniques into your DAILY-LIFE!

Jackie Lapin

Free Ebook

You must begin pro-actively Consciously Creating Your Life - marshalling all of your intent, energy, creative visionary skills and power of creation to manifest the future you choose to live. This powerful ebook explains the science that proves that going from vision to reality is more than just myth.

The Mind Power Way to Attract Money
Journey To Wow – Ignite The Power Within
Live at the Beach: 4 Hot Topics

James Goi Jr.

Free Audio
Free Ebook
A power-packed Audio and Transcript on how anyone can attract money using the awesome power of their own mind. These incredible yet simple strategies make it easy for anyone to attract any amount of money they want and need.

Pat Altvater

Free Ebook

Journey to WOW will help you eliminate struggle and transform mindsets such as perfectionism, scarcity, and instant gratification to easily manifest your desires. The 5-step Conscious Transformation Process, which effectively meshes the Law of Attraction and goal setting, will take you from now to WOW.

Anne Nayer

Free Ebook

An eBook equivalent of a vacation - turquoise waters rich in sea life and phosphorescence. Inspiring & practical Law of Attraction approaches to love, money, inner peace and creating win/win situations in your everyday life at home and at work.

Understanding Words. An End to Anger & Conflict
11 Steps to Fruition

David Samuel

Free Ebook

Understanding Words is a simple, clear and concise explanation of the causes of anger and conflicts and how to end them. Improve your personal relationships and business interactions within days! People say anger reduces by 50% or more within two weeks! Turn any hostile situation into a calm, positive result

Ruth Evelyn

Free Ebook

"What is in front of us is not what it means and what it means is not in front of us." Are you challenged by the Law of Attraction? Ruth, a Law of Vibration expert, guides you to your unseen potentials to optimize attraction of your goals and desires.





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Be Happier! Five Things You Can Do Right Now!
Find Your Courage Workbook Plus More!
Got Stress? Get Relief Now!

Kirk Wilkinson

Free Video

Create long-lasting, wonderful, true happiness, regardless of your circumstances, and a greater level of satisfaction and fulfillment… immediately. Kirk – author of The Happiness Factor – will teach you real tools and real skills that can change your life.

Margie Warrell

Free Audio
2 Free Ebooks
What would you do if you had no fear of failing, looking foolish or being inadequate? In her Bestselling book Find Your Courage, Certified Coach Margie Warrell teaches people how to overcome the fears, step boldly into action and create extra-ordinary results in their careers, relationships & lives.

Evelyn Roberts Brooks
Free Audio
Free Ebook
Free Report
Learn what you can do RIGHT NOW to dump your stress and fears From the bestselling author of "Forget Your Troubles: Enjoy Your Life Today."
- "Your Happiness Compass" - audio
- "Happiness Compass Action Guide" - report
- "Action Plan for Happiness" - ebook

How To Get Your Mojo Back!
Goal Setting Guide
Lighten up! This is the Only Life You've Got

Patrice Dickey

Free Audio

Four simple secrets to energize you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually!
Mobilize helpful powers to work in your favor. Open your mind & heart to accept greater good. Jump out into the flow; guide yourself through rapids and doldrums. Outshine perceived obstacles!
That's MOJO! (55 min. audio)

Robert Phipps

Free Ebook

Over 60 pages of pure gold Goal Setting genius. If you want more out of life have you got to have a target to aim at and this little gem of an ebook helps you plan your future life in realistic steps.

Gerry Hopman

Free Ebook

The book shows how life should be enjoyed - not endured. Life is not a dress rehearsal, live it and enjoy it!

Filling The Glass
Guided Meditation & Intuitive Readings

Barry Maher

Free Ebook Excerpt

A free chapter of Filling the Glass by Barry Maher, a book that was honored as "[One of] The Seven Essential Popular Business Books" by Today's Librarian magazine. Translated around the world, it's extraordinarily readable and entertaining, yet so rich in content it's recommended reading at places like Columbia Business School.

Mary Jo Guglielmo

Free Meditation
Free Prize Draw
Receive a guided meditation. Plus, enter to win an Intuitive Reading - one 30 minute reading and two email readings by Mary Jo Guglielmo, co-founder of the Advantage Point. Mary Jo is a certified Six Sensory TM practitioner. Readings are designed to help you move your life forward.





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The Power Of Persistence
The Marry-Go-Round
Diffusing Your Negative Emotional Triggers

Justin Sachs

Free Consultation
Free Ebook
Get "The Power of Persistence", Justin's best-selling book, and a complimentary strategy session with one of Justin's Master Coaches (worth $500). Become stronger, wiser, and freer. With Justin and his team, you’ll shift your results, achieving your dreams on an advanced timeline and live the life that you’ve always dreamed of.

Susan Allan

Free Consultation
Free Ebook
This 240 page book features case studies on how Susans’s clients transformed their relationships. It discusses what is required to create a loving and permanent union to avoid the challenges of separation and divorce. It includes the basics of Compassionate Communication SM and Herrmann Brain Dominance.

Jane Ilene Cohen

Free Audio
Free Ebook
A powerful process for diffusing negative emotional reactions to people and situations. This process can move you from an emotionally out-of-control, disempowered place, to a centered place of strength, harmony and well-being. The audio comes with an easy-to-follow guide for the process.

The Daughter-in-law Rules
Report and Coaching Session
The Death of Confidence

Sally Shields

Free Ebook

Whether you're at the beginning of your marriage or you've spent years trying to make peace with your mother-in-law, The Daughter-in-Law Rules provides a revolutionary set of strategies, making copasetic coexistence possible at last! Proceeds of this book help support The BCRF. Think Pink!

Robyn Ladinsky

Free Consultation Free Report
The report is entitled "Three Keys to Encourage Positive Behavior in your Child". Plus, you are eligible for a FREE "Improve Your Child's Behavior" coaching session.

Aery Prabhakar

Free Ebook

How a failure in your love life can instantly kill self-confidence & self-esteem - and HERE'S what to do about it!

Introduction to Animal Communication
Love Magnet Assessment

Val Heart

Free Audio

Become Dr. Dolittle! This 60 minute digital recording will start you on the path to becoming your own Dr. Dolittle! Learn some of the basic fundamentals of Animal Communication and change your relationship with animals forever!

Catherine Behan

Free Ebook

Are you tired of searching for True Love? Do you love the Law of Attraction? Have you had success attracting everything EXCEPT love? Your Love Magnet may need recharging! Predict your chances to find the lasting love you long for. Empower your Love Magnetism, Stop searching and Be Found!





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Tips For Hearing God's Voice Within You
The Power Of Unconditional Love
The Infinite Being, Whisper of the Soul

DavidPaul Doyle

5 Free Videos

Watch 5 inspirational videos from DavidPaul, author of When God Spoke to Me, on how to hear God's Voice within you. These videos will help you to quiet your mind, connect with that still small voice within you, receive inner guidance and communication, and hear God's Voice in new ways.

Alicia Isaacs

Free Ebook

Changing Inside Out Now! The Power Of Unconditional Love - Discover how to experience the transforming fire of Unconditional Love that heals emotional wounds, dispels fear, comforts, fills and satisfies the deep longing of the soul from the inside out.


Free Ebook

If you are in any way confused, lost or disempowered, this book will plant a seed that can grow. In prose and poetry, this 273 page ebook will bring light and understanding into your life and maybe a different way of looking at yourself and your place in the world.

How I Met My Spiritual Double
Cornerstones for channeling your higher Self
Gratitude Or Complaint – How Are You Living

Barbara J. Semple

Free Audio

In this compelling and humorous audio, discover 3 keys to meeting your Spiritual Double. Open a door to your personal connection. Self-healing activist and best selling author of Instant Healing – Accessing Creative Intelligence for Healing Body and Soul, Barbara J. Semple shares meeting her absolute perfect health energetic double.

Celeste Hamman

Free Ebook
Free Resources
Using these 4 cornerstones increases your capacity to interpret the communication that is constantly flowing to you from your Higher Self, that part of you that loves you unconditionally and guides you toward your highest good. This ebook is linked to an online environment of recorded exercises, video and resources.

Dr. Toni LaMotta

Free Audio

This 30 minute audio invites the listener to look at Life asking the question, where am I living in gratitude and where in complaint? Dr. Toni is a profound spiritual teacher, keynote speaker and life-coach who supports people in celebrating their spiritual growth in midlife.

"I Have Value"
Guided Life Purpose Meditation
Spirituality Simplified

Estra Roell

Free Meditation

This is a wonderful guided meditation for getting in touch with your Higher Self and tuning in to your value as a person. If you have been having issues with confidence or making yourself small, this meditation will focus you on your true worth and leave you feeling expanded!

Joshua Aragon

Free Meditation

An exclusive audio of a meditation designed to help you find your life’s purpose. Joshua Aragon, a leading authority on life meaning and purpose and the creator of ‘The Purpose Paradigm’, is a best-selling author, inspirational speaker, and human potential trainer.

Jeff Maziarek

Free Ebook Excerpt
Spirituality Simplified Chapter 7 includes the “best of the best” content about “Abundance” that the author encountered after reading more than 200 different spiritual growth books, while Chapter 9 provides comparable information about “Forgiveness.” Both chapters include numerous quotes from many highly respected spiritual teachers.

Intuitive Session for $15 (reg. $75)
The Balance Dilemma
Sound Of The Sun Meditation

Tracy Lee Nash


80% discount! Receive a $75 intuitive session for just $15. International intuitive and medium Tracy Lee Nash has slashed her 15-minute session prices for this promotion.

Iris Benrubi

Free E-course

Ever wonder how to manage all the conflicting demands on your time? Wonder if you’ll ever get to the end of your ‘to-do-list’? Balance is such a hot topic these days. Here is an 8 week email course on how to manage your day, your time and your energy.

Colette Baron-Reid

Free Meditation

NASA’s recording of the Sound of the Sun has been mixed into a beautiful meditation that produces deep therapeutic relaxation. Using Dr. Emoto's groundbreaking work, water exposed to this recording has produced perfectly harmonized crystals. Think of what it can do for our bodies primarily consisting of water!

Prayer for a Peaceful Sleep
How to Save Our World

Anita Casalina

Free Audio

Many people today have difficulty sleeping. Reach up to God and ask for soothing comfort to settle your body and mind. This is an audio version of a prayer from Anita’s book “Prayers of Light-heal yourself, heal your world.”

Paul Arthur van Doorn


The only book in the world that describes a complete plan to solve all the great world problems by making the world a better place for everyone! Get a special discount of 15 USD or 5 GBP on Paul's book "How to save our world, the ultimate spiritual society".





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The Success Secret That Never Fails
A-Z Conscious Reminders
The 21 Distinctions Of Wealth Checklist

Mike Dolpies

Free Audio

- How to change your life in 30 minutes.
- The easiest ways to reach your goals.
- How to start a new business with little or no money.
- How to turn your ideas into cash.
Mike is the author of "Motion Before Motivation, The Success Secret That Never Fails".

Russ Small

Free Audio
Free Ebook
Find meaning and purpose while experiencing the sensation of adventure, passion and joy. Using real life examples, stories, and metaphors Russ takes you on a journey into your awareness and will help you discover new ways to have fun and adventure.

Peggy McColl
Free Video
Free Audio
Free Ebook
NYT best selling author, Peggy provides a checklist to track your progress as you enrich your life with the life-changing affirmations from each of the distinctions from her “21 Distinctions of Wealth”. You will also receive a short (yet powerful) video on attracting abundance, plus an audio of wealth affirmations.

Your Key To Success
7 Steps To Soaring
Get Well Paid For Professional Speaking

Ely Shemer

2 Free Audios
12 Free Ebooks
T. Harv Eker, Ted Nicholas, Robert Allen, Mark Victor Hansen, Dan Kennedy, and other amazing experts show you have to grow your business in this 12 CD "Masters of Marketing" seminar (download). Plus 11 marketing ebooks, "Think and Grow Rich" and Rob Toth's "Future of Info Marketing" 74 min audio.

Joe Rubino

Free Audio
Free Membership
• Replace negative messages with core beliefs that support your happiness and excellence
- Heal the past and stop self-sabotage
- Implement an easy to follow system that will impact your life in a dramatically positive manner
Plus receive a subscription to The Success Achievers Club.

Cathleen Fillmore

Free Ebook

Discover how to create compelling material, set your fees, work with bureaus and much more.  Learn how to stand out in a crowded marketplace and get the financial returns you deserve. A top speakers' consultant and bureau owner, Cathleen shares her insights into the speaking industry with you.

Get On Track Fast!
Wealth Mastery Success
Shameless Bribe Coupons and More!

Mary B. Owens

3 Free Audios
Get your business booming with Law of Attraction techniques in a 3 hour audio workshop. Use LOA techniques to get on track with your business and your life. You will also receive 2 audio meditations: "Self-love" and "Relaxation". To those who qualify, Mary is gifting a 1-on-1 "Get on Track Fast!" strategy session.

Chaney Weiner

Free Consultation
Free E-course
The Wealth Mastery Success mini course gives you five key overlooked lessons you must learn if you want to become an attraction magnet for the things you want in your life. You'll also receive a free coaching call.

Steve Brennan, PhD

Shameless Bribe coupons give you up to 50% off selected products.

Success Without Goal Setting
Energy Hypnotherapy Session
Manifest Your Best Life Using Astrology

Madisen Harper

Free Audio

Goals can get in the way of success by being too narrow, inflexible, taking the place of independent thinking and personal initiative.

Linda Simmon

Free Audio

Whether you are tired from a late night or from overwork, stress, or an inability to let go, let this downloadable session work for you. While listening, your mind and body relax, opening channels into your subconscious allowing you to more easily see the unlimited possibilities available in your life.

Maya White

Free Consultation
Free E-course
Get Maya’s ebook and gain 5 practical tips on understanding yourself and others. This information provides you with tools to help you quickly analyze human behavior. Maya White is an internationally recognized astrologer and intuitive guide. Get your ebook plus view your Free Monthly Horoscope now.

Personal Development Tips
The Root Of All Good
The Miracle of You and Your Cells

Paul Klein

Free Ebook

Seize control of your life and progress to success. Stop wasting your time and energy trying to achieve success in whatever you want. Develop the winning attitude and traits needed with ease.

Alina Frank

Free Ebook

How to use quantum physics and Eft to heal your relationship with money. Alina Frank is the #1 rated EFT practitioner. In her popular ebook she assists you in discovering and clearing the subconscious blocks to success.

Chuck Danes

Free Ebook

The Miracle Of You And Your Cells provides a very practical yet powerfully transformational approach for experiencing harmony, fulfillment and "Real Wealth" in life, physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually

Easy Button
Attract A Life You Love Program
Twice the Performance with Half the Effort

Amy Scott Grant

Free E-Course

Haven't you always wished you could have an “easy” button for life? Now you can! This powerful yet simple spiritual Multimedia E-course will help you make the optimal decision on ANY matter in ANY moment. Amy is a master belief shifter with incomparable intuition, boldness, enthusiasm, a humor, and heart.

Don Giberson

Free Ebook

Imagine living a life you absolutely love. That is the goal of this program. You will master the principles and processes of the Law of Attraction and learn how to apply them to attract what you want in every major area of your life.

Jay Niblick

Free Profile
Free Resources
Learn the secrets to
Ultimate Peak Performance with Half the Effort! Identify the talents that you naturally possess that can power your performance. Receive a copy of the same personal talent profile used in the ground-breaking study that uncovered the significant differences possessed by the world’s peak performers.

The Positive Achiever
The Building Blocks Of Success And Happiness
Hay House Gift Package

Jan Malloch

Free Ebook Excerpt

Get the first 3 chapters of my book "The Positive Achiever - 11 Essentials to Achieve the Success You Deserve". In my book, I encourage and inspire you to adopt a much more positive attitude to forge ahead and achieve real success and happiness in your life!

Bill King

Free Software
Free Report
An incredible screensaver with each image containing a positive affirmation to help you achieve maximum results. Plus, use Bill's simple building blocks to create success and happiness now and start living the live you love. The article contains simple and easy to follow exercises to get you started.

Hay House

Free Audio
Free Ebook
Experience a wealth of motivational products from Hay House with a gift package that will help you live a deeply fulfilling and inspired life. Some of your favorite Hay House authors share the best of what they have learned about inspiration, motivation, well-being, relationships, wealth and spirituality.

Self-Improvement Starter Kit

Guy Finley
Free Audio
Free Membership
Free Ebook
Learn how to live a life without fear so success comes naturally. Contrary to what many believe, a fearless life IS possible. Learn:
- The 3 most powerful words in the English language
- Why fear is the "mind killer"
- How and why the universe is set up for us to succeed
- How Success and Love are connected










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Think Or Sink
4 Unique WOW Gifts to Empower Women!
Women Who are Suddenly Single

Gina Mollicone-Long
Free Video
Free Ebook Excerpt
Stress is a concept, not an actual "thing". Stress is actually a CHOICE - one you make. The good news is that if stress can be UNCHOSEN! 2 chapters of the international best-selling book, "Think or Sink" PLUS an inspirational video of 42 Things that will change your life in an instant.

Women of Wisdom
2 Free Audios
Free Ebook Excerpt
WOW's programs provide women with opportunities for growth, community, support and healing. - Judith Orloff on Second Sight.
- Circle Leadership from the award winning book, "Women of Wisdom" by Founder, Kris Steinnes.
- "Women of Wisdom" song by Lorraine Bayes.

Elmasue Zylberberg
Free Consultation
Free Report
Women Who are Suddenly Single - Five steps to regain your power and get yourself back on track.
Plus, grab a free 30 minute session.

Empowering Your Tigress Teen
Divine Nourishment
Million Dollar Man

Grace E. Mauzy

Free Tele-seminar

The self-esteem and self-confidence of teenage girls can plummet. Learn how to empower adolescent girls and young women through leadership coaching to be successful. Tele-seminar with a bonus of one month of daily affirmations for you and the young woman of your choice.

Mary Lane

Free Ebook Excerpt
This book connects the dots between the revolutionary food movement, living and eating according to the Earth’s wisdom, and the healing and reclamation of the Divine Feminine. It gives practical, daily, and seasonal support to heal and restore your sacred relationship with them all. Receive practices, stories, seasonal tips and recipes.

Lourdes Elardo-Gant
Free Ebook Excerpt

Follow my lead to magically manifest a million dollar husband - I did It and you can too!
I'm a LOA Relationship Coach helping women manifest the man of their dreams to enjoy freedom, balance, soul-satisfaction in their life AND make a contribution to the world just by being a Goddess!

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Turn Your Passion into a Book
8 Keys to Your #1 Bestseller
Story Magic Home Study Course

Warren Whitlock

Free Ebook

How you can become a best selling author!
- 7 free promotion tools that always work
- How to sell hundreds of the books in one day
- Six Secrets to increase Amazon sales
- How to improve your reputation and get free publicity
- 3 revenue boosters to make real money

Denise Cassino

Free Audio

This 9-part audio series will teach you how the many critical steps to creating your own #1 Bestseller on Amazon with loads of great information about how to find partners, build your site, write your copy, press release and much, much more.

Lee Pound

Free Audio
Free Ebook
This course includes audio instruction and a workbook taking you through the seven steps to creating powerful stories that you can use in your speeches and in written sales letters, emails, books and articles. This formula is used by top copywriters, novelists and best selling non-fiction writers.

3 Ebooks To Help You Write!

Jennifer Stewart

3 Free Ebook

- 44 Tips for writing Stories for Children.
- 13 Things You've Always Wanted to Know about Grammar
- The Devil's Dictionary - a C19th classic satire.
Write101 offers 1,000+ pages of articles on the English language plus writing lessons, vocab quizzes, essay-writing tips for students and more.








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